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We invigorate and develop your employees via both physical and virtual activities. Leveraging gamification, we ensure participants work together to cultivate a positive company culture, all while learning and enjoying themselves.

Overview of all our team-building categories

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Our collaboration with Let's play is always very pleasant. We can be confident that the product is of high value to our customers and that the people at Let's play are professional and possess great expertise. The projects we have had so far have been complex and tailored to the customer's values and business

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Virtual teambuilding

Activities that are not only fun and engaging but also present challenges that bolster teamwork and nurture positive intra-company relationships. Ideal for groups of 3-5 individuals, it's especially effective when mixing participants from different departments, both internal and external. Through these activities, participants will uncover each other's strengths and resources, setting the stage for fruitful future collaborations. Plus, our digital activities seamlessly integrate with all major video conferencing platforms.

Our virtual teambuilding games:


Tailored onboarding games, available for both physical and virtual formats within the company, expedite the integration of new employees. This ensures they feel welcomed, valued, and are able to jump into their roles with ease.

Games under onboarding:

Physical teambuilding

Our team-building activities promote dynamic collaboration and cultivate a positive environment. These digital games are adaptable to your specifications. Whether indoors or outdoors, teams are equipped with tablets for gameplay. We can set up at a location of your choice. Ready for a genuinely entertaining challenge?

Categories under physical teambuilding

Culture and Values

Instilling values among employees can be a daunting task. Let us help you bring those values to life, making them tangible and pertinent to your employees' day-to-day work through our digital games. Whether you're introducing new values or reinforcing established ones, we excel in conveying the message across all levels of your organization. Our games offer flexibility – they can be held physically, virtually, or in a hybrid format. For teams spread across different locations, our online games ensure inclusivity, giving everyone a unified experience

Games under culture and values:
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