Virtual teambuilding
Foster stronger bonds and nurture positive relationships within the company.
Styrk samholdet og de
gode relasjonene i bedriften

by engaging in fun, challenging, and interactive digital team-building activities. Both employees and leaders will be inspired to form closer connections with their colleagues.



Dive into a thrilling virtual escape game. A hacker has seized your files; can you reclaim them in just 45 minutes? Tackle intriguing challenges as you collaborate in small groups. This game sparks both logical and imaginative thinking, offering hints to help you recover your company's compromised data. Playable online from anywhere!

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The notorious art thieves known as 'The Royals' have made another audacious heist! Dive into the clues, navigate art-centric puzzles, and recover the pilfered masterpieces in this captivating online escape adventure.

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Unleash the essence of teamwork, collaboration, and sheer delight. Dive into 30 exhilarating challenges spread across five distinct categories. Let laughter flow freely and ignite a spark of creativity in everyone involved.

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The Virtual Icebreaker Game is a quick and enjoyable energizer, injecting enthusiasm into digital meetings and events. Just as the name implies, it's an ideal icebreaker that fosters closer connections among participants.

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