Virtual teambuilding
Strengthen the unity and good relationships within the company
Styrk samholdet og de
gode relasjonene i bedriften

by engaging in fun, challenging and interactive digital team-building activities. Employees and leaders will be more inspired to build closer bonds with their colleagues.



A fun and engaging virtual escape game. A hacker has taken control of your files. Can you unlock them in 45 minutes? Cool and challenging tasks must be solved together in small groups. It stimulates both logical and creative thinking with clues to get your company's hacked files back. Can be played online, anywhere!

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The art thieves "The Royals" have struck again! Follow the clues, solve art-related missions, and retrieve the stolen artworks in this engaging online escape game.

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Bring out the team spirit, cooperation, and joy. With 30 fun challenges in five different categories, laughter will come easily and creativity will bloom.

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Virtual Icebreaker Game is a short and fun energizer that adds excitement to digital meetings and events. As the name suggests, the activity is a perfect icebreaker that brings participants closer together.

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We are with you all the way, from inquiry to delivery of your customized virtual or physical team building activity. We are committed to ensure that you and your company have the best possible experience, with engaged and energetic employees and the results you want.

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