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Let's Play offers a wide range of team-building activities and events in and around the city of Oslo. Our activities challenge groups to tackle tasks of varying difficulty levels. With a game rating of 4.7 out of 5 possible stars, we are confident in delivering enjoyable and thrilling experiences. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, we have options to suit your location, and we are adaptable to cater to your specific preferences and requirements.

Martin Vinje - Lyn&Torden Event

Fantastic results! I highly recommend using Let's play if you want an activity for your event. The team at Let's play is professional, accommodating, and pleasant to work with. The activities they provide are amazing!

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Awesome Inc.

A captivating and inventive treasure hunt that brings everyone closer together, where teamwork is the key to success!

Bjørvika Challenge

Discover the vibrant and emerging district of Oslo - Bjørvika! From beach vibes and striking architecture to trendy shops and eateries, Bjørvika is fast establishing itself as a hub for art and culture.

Brygga Challenge

In recent years, Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen have seen remarkable development! The areas are now bustling with a wide variety of restaurants and food trucks lining the pier, all offering stunning views of the Oslofjord.

Grünerløkka Challenge

Welcome to perhaps the most charming neighborhood in Oslo: Grünerløkka! Brimming with energy, it boasts quaint shopping streets, cozy cafes, unique stores, and a rich industrial heritage.

Frognerparken Challenge

In the heart of Oslo lies Frogner Park, a beloved recreational spot. It's home to the renowned Vigeland Park, showcasing the famous sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. Within its confines, you'll also discover cozy cafes and much more.

Holmenkollen Challenge

Welcome to the top attraction in Oslo: Holmenkollen! Perched in a prime location, it offers the city's finest panoramic vistas. Here, you can explore the world's oldest ski museum and marvel at the iconic ski-jump.

Fornebu Challenge

Fornebu has undergone rapid development, transforming into a lively and captivating neighborhood brimming with excitement. In the 'Fornebu Challenge,' you'll explore both the contemporary and historic facets of Fornebu.

Lysebu Challenge

Unearth the captivating history of Lysebu! Embark on an engaging scavenger hunt that not only familiarizes you with the area but also fosters deeper connections with your teammates. Success lies in collaboration!

Oscarsborg Challenge

Oscarsborg Fortress stands as a dazzling jewel in the midst of the Drøbak strait! Join us for an insightful team-building journey, where your creativity, grasp of history, and collaborative skills will be put to the test.

Son Challenge

Norways "northernmost southern town" is located in Son! Delve into this coastal treasure rich in maritime culture and tales. With the 'Son Challenge,' uncover your collaborative skills and become closer as a team.

Green Hat Challenge

Engage in a creative rebus hunt that brings everyone closer together, where exceptional teamwork is key to triumph! This is our top-selling team-building activity!

Exploration Challenge: Oslo

Discover the best of Oslo in a captivating and enjoyable manner! The 'Exploration Challenge Oslo' is the ideal activity to familiarize yourself with the city and bond with one another.

Escape Game: The Lockdown

A hacker has encrypted all the company's files. Can you decrypt them in 60 minutes? 'The Lockdown' is an engaging and thrilling escape game experience.

Mingle Game

Looking for a fun way to foster interaction among your employees? The Mingle Game is the ideal solution!

Music Experience

Add a musical twist to your evening! Dive into tunes spanning from the 1970s to the present day with this exhilarating challenge.

Icebreaker Game

Jumpstart your event or meeting with the Icebreaker Game! This lighthearted competition allows employees to showcase their knowledge across a diverse range of topics.

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