Activities that can be played anywhere

In our selection, we offer a wide range of digital team-building activities suitable for participants from any location. Each game is designed to ensure maximum engagement, lively energy, and active participation from all members. These activities are truly outstanding, and many can be customized to meet your unique requirements!

Martin Vinje - Lyn&Torden Event

Fantastic results! I highly recommend using Let's play if you want an activity for your event. The team at Let's play is professional, accommodating, and pleasant to work with. The activities they provide are amazing!

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Art Heist

The notorious art thieves, known as 'The Royals', have struck once more! Dive into a thrilling online escape game, where you'll chase down leads, tackle art-centric challenges, and aim to recover the pilfered masterpieces.

Online Office Challenge

Unleash the power of team spirit, collaboration, and sheer joy. With 30 entertaining challenges across five distinct categories, expect an eruption of laughter and a surge of creativity.

Green Hat Challenge

Engage in a creative rebus hunt that brings everyone closer together, where exceptional teamwork is key to triumph! This is our top-selling team-building activity!

Escape Game: The Lockdown

A hacker has encrypted all the company's files. Can you decrypt them in 60 minutes? 'The Lockdown' is an engaging and thrilling escape game experience.

Mingle Game

Looking for a fun way to foster interaction among your employees? The Mingle Game is the ideal solution!

Music Experience

Add a musical twist to your evening! Dive into tunes spanning from the 1970s to the present day with this exhilarating challenge.

Icebreaker Game

Jumpstart your event or meeting with the Icebreaker Game! This lighthearted competition allows employees to showcase their knowledge across a diverse range of topics.

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Is there anything you're curious about regarding teambuilding and activities? For example, how they can be customized for your company? Don't hesitate to contact us. It's important to us that you get the most out of your event. We want to contribute to your success!

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