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Experience fantastic places and cities in a new way. The team building activities create unity and provide new cultural and geographical knowledge about the place you are in. The groups playing receive tasks via tablet. There are no restrictions on how many can play at the same time. The activities and tasks can be customized as needed.

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Fantastic results! I highly recommend using Let's play if you want an activity for your event. The team at Let's play is professional, accommodating, and pleasant to work with. The activities they provide are amazing!

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Trondheim Challenge

In Norway's third largest city, we find the big little city that offers a lot of excitement! Trondheim Challenge is a fun team building activity where you learn about the city and work in teams - through sightseeing!

Bergen Challenge

Bergen has more to offer than just rain! The city is full of cultural and historical experiences and sights! Choose Bergen Challenge as your next team building activity for a different and fun experience.

Kristiansand Challenge

The cheerful Southern Norway has a lot to offer! In this activity, you will visit the most attractive sights and work together as a team to create a sense of belonging and security within your company.

Lillehammer Challenge

The Olympic city of Lillehammer! Lillehammer has an exciting cultural history, and with short distances to all the city's attractions, Lillehammer Challenge is a fun team building activity that suits everyone!

Drammen Challenge

The urban city of Drammen has won several awards for its work on urban development. We have created a GPS game that includes highlights such as the Ypsilon bridge, Drammen Theater, and the local treasure Aas Brewery!

Tønsberg Challenge

Norway's oldest city offers both beautiful archipelago, exciting stories, and cool cultural experiences! Tønsberg Challenge is engaging and tests both memory and creativity. There is something for everyone here!

Larvik Challenge

Larvik is a popular and charming destination with a fantastic coastline! Larvik Challenge is a fun activity that combines team building with sightseeing of the most central landmarks in the city.

Sandefjord Challenge

The charming coastal town has a rich cultural heritage, where the Vikings and the whaling industry have left their mark. In Sandefjord Challenge, you can visit exciting GPS locations and experience the feeling of teamwork!

Fredrikstad Challenge

Charming Fredrikstad is a pleasant little town! Here, you can find important history and a beautiful archipelago. With Fredrikstad Challenge, you can visit the 9 most interesting GPS locations through teamwork.

Tromsø Challenge

There's more to the "Paris of the North" than just “Rorbua”! With Tromsø Challenge, you can visit fun locations while testing your teamwork skills and competitive spirit.

Haugesund Challenge

Haugesund, as a coastal town, also played a central role in the Viking Age and today offers charming streets with cozy shops and cafes. Here, one can experience the fresh and beautiful nature!

Gøteborg Challenge

Not far from the Norwegian capital, you will find the Swedish gem of Gothenburg, with a sea of opportunities. We have created a sightseeing game that takes you around the city's many delights!

København Challenge

In Scandinavia's coziest capital, you will find not only red hot dogs and happy Danes, but also our fun sightseeing game featuring 10 of the city's most attractive locations!

Berlin Challenge

Berlin offers art, food, and interesting history. Our team-building game takes you to the most popular sightseeing destinations and can also offer some hidden gems!

Awesome Inc.

An engaging and creative rebus hunt where you come closer to each other, and where good collaboration is essential for success!

Lysebu Challenge

Get to know Lysebu and its exciting history! In this engaging and fun rebus hunt, you will get to know the area and each other well. It's all about working together to succeed!

Oscarsborg Challenge

Oscarsborg Fortress is like a pearl in the middle of the Drøbak strait! Join us for an exciting and educational team building activity, where you will challenge yourselves in creativity, history, and collaboration.

Son Challenge

Norways "northernmost southern town" is located in Son! Get to know this coastal gem that is packed with exciting coastal culture and stories, and discover how you collaborate with the help of Son Challenge.

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