Let the employees get to know the organization, values, and culture in an inspiring way

Research shows that the first three months in a new job are crucial for engaging and retaining new employees. Customized onboarding games, conducted physically and/or virtually within the company, will quickly integrate new employees. The employee will feel included, taken care of, and can quickly get started with their tasks.



The Onboarding game is a fun and engaging way to introduce new employees to the company. The focus of the game is to understand the most challenging topics such as vision, strategy, culture, and values, through discussion and dilemmas. In addition, there will be interaction with colleagues and a fun quiz. The game is always customized to the company and is conducted in small groups so that everyone has the opportunity for active participation.


Values are difficult to implement. We help you visualize the values, make them more concrete, and connect them to the daily work of your new employees in an engaging way, through a digital game. The games can be conducted physically, virtually, or both. If you have new employees in multiple locations, the games can be conducted online so that everyone can participate in the experience.


A hacker has taken control of the company's files. Can the new employees unlock them in 45 minutes? "Beat the Hacker" is a fun, engaging virtual escape game. The game can be played online, anywhere! The activity can be customized for onboarding in your company, with content related to your business.


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We are with you all the way, from inquiry to delivery of your customized virtual or physical team building activity. We are committed to ensure that you and your company have the best possible experience, with engaged and energetic employees and the results you want.

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