Physical teambuilding
Green Hat Challenge

An engaging and creative rebus hunt where you get close to each other, and where good teamwork is crucial to succeed! This is our best-selling team building activity!

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Physical teambuilding

Let's play! There is a better way to immerse yourself in the culture and feel the heartbeat of the city. We combine gamification with sightseeing in a fresh, fun, and challenging way.

About the game

The Green Hat Challenge is an engaging and enjoyable activity that entails using a tablet to complete various tasks at your current location. These tasks cover a wide range, from photo missions and quizzes to activities involving the location or specific objectives. Teams compete in a creative scavenger hunt and treasure hunt, with an abundance of tasks that require strategic planning, prioritization, and teamwork. This activity fosters team building through imaginative missions and guarantees loads of enjoyment!

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We've placed 12 hidden codes for you to discover in the surrounding area. The tablet will prompt you when it's time to locate a code, and your objective is to find a unique code that hasn't been used previously. Additionally, as you progress, the tablet will present other tasks to enhance your point tally!

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The content of the game

The game contains a wide range of different tasks. The groups compete team by team in an activity that offers a creative point hunt, where they answer tasks and search for hidden codes that appear along the way. In the game, you will find tasks such as quizzes, code hunting, brain teasers, riddles, poems, audio clips, video tasks, and photo tasks.

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Practical information

Let's Play provides an activity with all instructions and equipment to the group. The game can be carried out on its own or with the help of our activity leaders. Groups of 4-6 people play the game using a tablet. The playing time can vary and be adapted to your needs, but is usually between 60-90 minutes. The game generates many fun pictures and a result list, which is presented when the activity is finished.

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Customized to your needs

We can customize the content of the activity to better suit your company's profile and your event. In doing so, we will adapt the game with questions from the company and add graphical profile and logo. We will guide you through how the questions can be formulated, and we ensure that they will work within the framework of the activity.

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The goal of the activity

The primary objective of this activity is to deliver a creative and enjoyable team-building experience that fosters collaboration and enhances team cohesion. This challenge is designed to boost engagement and competition, emphasizing logical thinking, effective communication, and innovation. As an added benefit, participants will also become more familiar with the area they are in.

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Fantastic results! I highly recommend using Let's play if you want an activity for your event. The team at Let's play is professional, accommodating, and pleasant to work with. The activities they provide are amazing!

Martin Vinje
Lyn&torden EVENT | Agency manager

We have used several of Let's play's physical and digital solutions for student events. This has worked extremely well as ice-breakers between our staff and the students, and it also generates tremendous engagement within the groups. We can definitely recommend it to others!

Therese Kristoffersen
KPMG AS | Senior HR Consultant

Our collaboration with Let's play is always very pleasant. We can trust that the product is of high value for our customers and that the people at Let's play are professional and possess great expertise. The projects we have had so far have been complex and tailored to the customer's values and business.

Charlotte Ringnes Relling
Event NPG | Project Manager
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Teambuilding should be fun, easy, and value-creating. With entertaining, engaging, and challenging virtual and physical teambuilding games, your employees will build stronger bonds with each other and your company. We can ensure that onboarding happens quickly and efficiently, the launch of values becomes effortlessly smooth, and your employees have an unforgettable experience. Let's play!

Question & Answer
What happens if the weather is bad?
A significant number of the tasks can be completed indoors or within sheltered areas. We also offer indoor-compatible games as contingency options. Should the need arise, kindly make inquiries regarding this at least 3 business days prior to the event date.
Can we choose where we want to have the start and finish?
Yes, the start and finish do not have to be in the same location. Many of our customers start at the office/meeting room and end at a restaurant, for example.
Can we do the activity in the evening?
Yes, we can conduct the game at a time that suits you.
Is the game suitable for those who are 55+?
Yes, the game is suitable for all ages.
Can we cancel our reservation?
Yes, under certain circumstances. Please inquire about our cancellation policy.
Do we need to download an app ourselves?
No, we provide tablets where the game is already downloaded.
What do we do if one or more individuals in the group have a disability or functional challenge?
We will work together to find a suitable solution. Participants can join in the fun either in person or virtually, and we are committed to making adjustments to ensure it accommodates your needs.
Game Details
60 - 90 minutes
590,- excluding VAT per person
From 4 people (no limit on the number)
4 - 6 people
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