Physical game
Awesome Inc.

Embark on a captivating and creative treasure hunt that fosters closer bonds, where success hinges on effective teamwork!"

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Physical teambuilding

Awesome Inc. presents entertaining challenges centered on teamwork. Participants are tasked with capturing creative photos, recording humorous videos, and finding the best solutions to various challenges. The game is incredibly invigorating and can be irresistibly addictive!

About the game.

Awesome Inc. offers participants a creative and distinctive team-building experience. The game includes team tasks, brain teasers, and challenges of varying difficulty levels. Not all tasks can be completed before the time limit expires, requiring teams to prioritize their focus. This empowers teams to shape their gaming experience. The ultimate objective of the game is to attain the highest possible score while enjoying the camaraderie of the team!

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The game consists of three primary challenge categories. In Category 1, participants are tasked with individual challenges, such as singing or telling a joke. Category 2 requires participants to collaborate on team tasks, such as juggling, forming a human pyramid, or constructing a sandcastle. The final category entails involving passersby in the team's challenges, such as organizing a tug-of-war or breakdancing.

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Game Content

The game encompasses an extensive array of tasks. Throughout the game, teams capture photographs, film video clips, respond to questions, unravel riddles and puzzles, or visit designated locations. Demonstrating creativity and devising unique solutions earn teams bonus points, which can be pivotal in determining the outcome of the competition.

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Practical information

Let's Play offers an activity complete with comprehensive instructions and the necessary equipment for your group. The game can be conducted independently or with the assistance of our activity leaders. Teams of 4-6 people engage in the game using tablets. The duration of play is flexible and can be tailored to your preferences, typically ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. The game generates numerous entertaining photos, videos, and a results list, which is presented upon completion of the activity.

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Customized to your needs

We possess the capability to customize the activity's content to seamlessly align with your company's profile and the specific requirements of your event. This includes the integration of your company-related questions, local GPS locations, and branding elements such as your graphic profile and logo. Our team will offer expert guidance to ensure the customization process is optimized, guaranteeing that the game harmonizes seamlessly with your unique needs and operates flawlessly.

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The goal of the activity

The primary objective of this activity is to offer a creative and engaging team-building experience that fosters teamwork and bolsters team cohesion. When teams are pushed to venture beyond their comfort zones, it leads to heightened engagement and competitiveness. In this game, effective communication and innovation play pivotal roles in striving for excellence!

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Fantastic results! I highly recommend using Let's play if you want an activity for your event. The team at Let's play is professional, accommodating, and pleasant to work with. The activities they provide are amazing!

Martin Vinje
Lyn&torden EVENT | Agency manager

We have used several of Let's play's physical and digital solutions for student events. This has worked extremely well as ice-breakers between our staff and the students, and it also generates tremendous engagement within the groups. We can definitely recommend it to others!

Therese Kristoffersen
KPMG AS | Senior HR Consultant

Our collaboration with Let's play is always very pleasant. We can trust that the product is of high value for our customers and that the people at Let's play are professional and possess great expertise. The projects we have had so far have been complex and tailored to the customer's values and business.

Charlotte Ringnes Relling
Event NPG | Project Manager
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Teambuilding should be enjoyable, straightforward, and meaningful. Through our captivating and challenging virtual and physical team-building games, your employees will forge deeper connections amongst themselves and with your company. We facilitate swift and efficient onboarding, ensure the seamless introduction of values, and promise an unforgettable experience for your team. Let's play!

Question & Answer
What happens if the weather is bad?
A significant number of the tasks can be completed indoors or within sheltered areas. We also offer indoor-compatible games as contingency options. Should the need arise, kindly make inquiries regarding this at least 3 business days prior to the event date.
Can we choose where we want to have the start and finish?
Yes, the start and finish do not have to be in the same location. Many of our customers start at the office/meeting room and end at a restaurant, for example.
Can we do the activity in the evening?
Yes, we can conduct the game at a time that suits you.
Is the game suitable for those who are 55+?
Yes, the game is suitable for all ages.
Can we cancel our reservation?
Yes, under certain circumstances. Please inquire about our cancellation policy.
Do we have to find the locations for the game ourselves?
No, everything is included.
Do we need to download an app ourselves?
No, we provide tablets where the game is already downloaded.
What do we do if one or more individuals in the group have a disability or functional challenge?
We will work together to find a suitable solution. Participants can join in the fun either in person or virtually, and we are committed to making adjustments to ensure it accommodates your needs.
Game Details
60 - 90 minutes
590,- excluding VAT per person
From 4 people (no limit on the number)
Type of activity:
Fun, energetic challenges combined with sightseeing.
4 - 6 people
Activity Type:
Easy and fun.
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